God book is here called Love II!
If you got here it is because God either gave this as a direct link or got you through the password.  This book deals with a lot of anger issues and I have asked God to edit it though he might leave it just as real as I wrote it.  You are here because you don't have the money for this book so don't just click and click away because if you do it will be the last chance to access this book.  This book entitled "God" will be sold on Amazon starting May 7th 2020 but will be for a high price because I don't want just anyone reading it.  Once you start reading the book you will understand why and you may also understand I hate this book.
"I've been preparing flowers for weddings and other special occasions for over five years. The most rewarding part of my job has been to help our special brides prepare for their special days!"
- Stacy Adams
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Before you make your bouquet selection, please enjoy our beautiful gardens, where we select all our special flowers.
You will not find a more GREEN experience than in our garden. We use all bio-degradable planters, and tap into the rivers surrounding our shop for our water. We change our water settings depending on the time of year to minimize our impact.

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Love II is a book about God from a real point of view.  Christians will hate me for it but it is from the heart actual suffering and getting through trials.